Readmoo’s turnover increased by 60% in 2021



Readmoo is Taiwan’s largest digital bookstore and the company generated NT400 million, or approximately $ 1.4 million in sales, during 2021. This is an increase of over 60%, this which is mind blowing. Taiwanese readers accounted for 60% of revenue, and other markets like Hong Kong and the United States accounted for 15%. According to internal data, the company has 900,000 users and 136 million minutes were read last year, an increase of 49%.

One of the reasons that e-book sales have increased is mainly due to savvy marketing. Readmoo has dubbed its “mooTube Reading Mooshu” broadcast on its YouTube channel, which features top-selling books and topical book lists in a weekly episode, with a cumulative playing time of 360,000 hours of content. The Classic and Youth podcasts do essentially the same thing, but in audio form.

In 2021, driven by film and television adaptations such as “Dune”, “Abandoned Soldier”, “The Magician on the Fly”, as well as the reissue of the Japanese classic “64”, the literary novel category will return to Readmoo for the most. large proportion of sales, an increase of 68% in performance. The next closely followed corporate financial management category was dominated by “Atomic Habits” and the new books “Mentality of Getting Rich” and “Gray Scale Thinking” were strong, resulting in a 53% increase in performance in this category. Lightweight novels, manga, and the comic book category have seen explosive growth. Comics saw sales increase 212%, while light novels increased 117%.

Audiobooks are the fastest growing segment in digital publishing, all over the world. Readmoo said its audio sales grew 93% in 2021. Literary novels accounted for the largest proportion of sales, followed by teens and children, and inspiring growth. In addition to listening to stories, audiobooks are also used in interactive learning with children or as a practical tool for self-healing and spiritual growth. Globally, in 2021, the total number of audiobook listeners will reach 4,200, an increase of 68%, the total listening time will be 1.65 million minutes, an increase of 135%, and up to 82% of readers will listen to them on mobile. phones, showing that this form is gradually being accepted by readers. There is much more room for development in this area for Readmoo.

Mooink Readers are quite popular, but the average user reads digital content on their cell phone. Mobile users made up 42.3% of purchases, while Mooink readers made up 31.4%. The rest was distributed among other devices, such as tablets.


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