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The Wheel of Time Episode 7 Review | The dragon reviewed NO SPOILERS books

The Wheel creeps like the Wheel wants it and a wind blows through LRM turns who speak in low tones. The Dragon, The dragon examined is reborn! Join Camerlyn HQ and her two novice Aes Sedai to tour the Amazon The wheel of time Pin up. This show covers Episode 7 noted and discussed. Also there are NO reserve Spoilers in this chat as we have a book fan (Cam Clark) and two new fans (Kyle and Christine Malone). So all theories are from two non-book readers.

00: 00- Intro & Christine’s The Wheel Of Time Episode 7 Review
08: 39- Kyle’s thoughts on the first episode don’t affect all cylinders
3:45 PM- So how disappointed is Kyle in the BIG Reveal?
19: 40- The Siege of Camerlyn begins its judgment from episode 7
25: 03- Cam’s Gripes, The Dragon’s Journey, & Easter Eggs
31: 10- Was hiding the identity of the dragon a good thing for the show?
35:45 – What do the next seasons (theories) hold in store?
43: 50- The two noobs guess how episode 8 ends and final thoughts

Kyle, Cam, and Christine are your guides for the model! Cam is a huge fantasy fan who has read it all The wheel of time books. Kyle is not a fan of fantasy at all, and Christine enjoys fantasy but hasn’t read the books. Therefore, no book spoilers and all theories for the future are made without any knowledge of the book (Cam asks the questions). The will be be episode 7 spoilers in this review, but nothing beyond that.

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Question (s) of the week: What do we think of the unveiling of the Dragon? Was hiding the Dragon a good idea? Where will the non-Dragon characters end up? Season Finals and Season 2 Predictions?

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