Spy x Family Episode 3 is now online: watch


Spy x Family is one of the biggest new animated series of 2022, with the Forger family bringing together three unique members in order to complete the mission of the clan’s father figure, Loid Forger, aka the master spy known as Twilight. With the second episode of the animated adaptation introducing Princess Thorn to the family, Yor is now part of a triumvirate that includes a master spy, a telepath, and a master assassin. As the TV series continues to grow in popularity, the third episode has arrived on Crunchyroll which continues Twilight’s mission.

The previous episode cemented the Forger family firmly together, as Yor and Loid got engaged in one of the weirdest ways possible, dodging bullets while creating an engagement ring that bound the family heads together using the pin of a grenade. Amazingly, Loid and Yor were able to hide their secrets from each other, as the assassin and spy created a relationship of convenience in which Anya is the only one who knows the truth thanks to her ability to read minds.

If you want to check out the third episode of Spy x Family, you can catch it on Crunchyroll here, as the Forger Family brings anime viewers action-packed hilarity courtesy of CloverWorks and Wit anime studios.

Crunchyroll’s official description for the third episode of Spy x Family reads as follows:

“Yor moves in with Loid and Anya. Now that they are a family, they have to prepare for the interview. But Loid realizes Anya and Yor’s current situation, the interview probably won’t go well. In order to make sure they all understand how an upper class family should be, Loid decides they should all go out as a family. They go to the theater and the museum, but it doesn’t work with Anya and Yor. Twilight begins to lose hope, but…”

The first season of Spy x Family There are said to be around twenty-four episodes in total, which is standard for a number of anime series, however, given the franchise’s popularity, we certainly wouldn’t be surprised to learn that the family Forging will receive a season two.

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