Stolen Nostradamus Manuscript Returned to Rome Library


A 300-year-old 500-page manuscript of Nostradamus was stolen from a Rome library in 2007. It was rediscovered last year when it was offered for sale by a German auction house. Over the years, the book circulated in various flea markets in Paris, then in the German city of Karlsruhe, before an art dealer tried to sell it via an auction house in Pforzheim, Baden- Württemberg, at a starting price of €12,000.

How did the library get the book? This is mainly due to the Italian team for the protection of cultural heritage, created in 1969 and which has recovered more than 3 million stolen objects. A special team came across the book on the auction house’s website and identified it as being from the Rome library by a stamp dated 1991 on one of the pages. The public prosecutor in Rome contacted his counterpart in Pforzheim, who opened an investigation. German experts established that the book was an original work by Nostradamus, who was famous for his cryptic prediction of world events, and who was the one trafficked from Rome.


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