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MORRISVILLE, North Carolina, November 16, 2021 / PRNewswire-PRWeb / – Syncfusion, Inc., the company of choice for developer solutions, is delighted to announce its sponsorship of Uno 2021 Conference. This is the first event for developers working with the Uno platform to learn more about the platform’s features and plans for the near and distant future. Uno Platform is an open source platform for building native Windows, WebAssembly, iOS, macOS, Android, and Linux apps with C # and WinUI from a single code base.

“We are honored to sponsor UnoConf again,” said Daniel Jebaraj, CEO of Syncfusion. “We were grateful to have had the opportunity to be a part of the first UnoConf in 2019 and to have the chance to launch our first order compatible with the Uno platform at UnoConf 2020. We look forward to seeing what new features will be revealed at this year’s event. and what exciting cross-platform capabilities are planned for the Uno platform in 2022. ”

UnoConf 2021 takes place November 30 on the UnoConf website and on Youtube. Registration is free on the event site. Speakers include Uno Platform CTO Jerôme Laban, Uno Platform CEO Francois Tanguay, Built to Roam Tech Lead Nick Randolph, and Senior Software Engineer Andres Pineda. The lectures cover a diverse selection of topics, such as application style, Azure deployment, WPF application to web migration, and WinUI feature porting.

Syncfusion has long been dedicated to cross-platform development solutions, most notably its contribution of over 155 components to cross-platform Xamarin development over the past seven years, and now its collection of controls preview for .NET MAUI, the next chapter of Xamarin. At UnoConf 2020, Syncfusion launched its first control for the Uno platform, an impressive graphics control that supports over 10 types of graphics and lots of customizations out of the box. Last August, Syncfusion and Uno Platform collaborated to publish Briefly Uno platform through Ed Freitas, a free ebook that serves as an essential guide to getting developers started with their first Uno Platform project.

About Syncfusion, Inc.

Syncfusion is the enterprise technology partner of choice for software development, offering a broad range of web, mobile and desktop controls coupled with a service-oriented approach throughout the application lifecycle. Syncfusion has established itself as the trusted partner worldwide for use in mission critical applications. Syncfusion recently launched Bold BI and Bold Reports, both of which are part of its integrated business intelligence and analytics suite. BoldSign, a complete electronic signature platform and development kit, is now added to the suite. Founded in 2001 and based in Research Triangle Park, North Carolina, Syncfusion has more than 27,000 customers, including major financial institutions, Fortune 100 companies and global IT consulting firms.

About the Uno platform

Uno platformis the only open source platform for building desktop, web, and mobile apps using only C # and WinUI XAML. Tested on real projects, developers can now build powerful single code-based applications with Uno Platform. See more at

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