The fiber optic market to generate $ 1.5 billion this year


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Welcome to the Thomas Index report for the week of January 10.

The fiber optic market, which transmits information in the form of pulses of light along a plastic or glass fiber, is positioned for substantial growth in the coming months. Spending on improving infrastructure has increased in both the public and private sectors. With the rapid increase in infrastructure needs and the rapid increase in technology connectivity bandwidth amid the growth of IIoT, VR, and AR, the fiber optic market in the United States is should generate almost a point five billion dollars this year.

According to September 2020 data, which are the latest figures available, AT&T Fiber currently has the largest fiber optic coverage in the United States with eleven point six percent coverage nationwide. Crown Castle Fiber is in second place with eleven point one percent, with Verizon Fios rounding out the top three with ten point seven percent coverage. Rhode Island, New Jersey and Utah top 2020 rankings list of states with the greatest coverage nationwide.

Our data shows that the demand for fiber optics on the Thomasnet dot com platform has increased by two hundred and twenty percent year-over-year and three hundred and twelve percent from last quarter figures.

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I’m Tony Uphoff, and this is the Thomas Index Report.

Top 10 categories with the most month-to-month sourcing activity

  • Burners: 3563%
  • Subcontracted aluminum manufacturing: 3447%
  • Electronic designers: 2440%
  • Laser cutters: 2240%
  • Seals: 1850%
  • CCTV equipment: 1657%
  • Transport brokers: 1529%
  • Protective film: 1188%
  • Forming: 1168%
  • Resins: 1020%

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