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I am honored to have an intimate circle of women in my life. They know the best and the worst of me, but always accept me as I am. We spent years laughing together, crying together; and yes, even have some misunderstandings.

The range of our emotions from pleasure to tension is what has forged an indestructible solidity between us. Time has allowed us to mature. Flexibility has given us the grace to give in to each other’s needs. Let’s just say 40 years has helped us learn what’s really important in relationships. We believe that life is better in a relationship together rather than separate from each other.

Is it possible, in Mark 5: 30-43, that this is why Jesus only took his BFFs to heal a dying girl? It was right after the woman with the issue of blood touched the hem of His garment and drew the healing power through her faith. There was a huge crowd around him and Jesus forbade the crowd to follow him any further. Only Peter, James and John continued with Him beyond this point.

When they got to the place, Jesus was informed that the girl was dead. Seeing what they couldn’t see, Jesus said she was just sleeping and went ahead to chase another group of inappropriate individuals. Entering the room with the girl’s parents and Jesus’ best friends, Jesus grabbed the dead girl’s hand and said, “Little girl, get up.” And, she was resurrected into existence.

Isn’t it interesting that sometimes you have to “temporarily” leave some people out of your seizures in order to deepen your goal? Some people will not be able to follow your trip beyond a certain point. They will bring too much noise to your situation. They will not be able to coexist with you during difficult challenges. Their emotions alone will wear you out.

This is the time when you need a closed circle. A group of BFF believers who will not change their position, make judgments, or question the journey. They listen. They support each other. They pray for you and with you. And, if you only have one close friend, that’s more than enough. A quote from Katharine Butler says, “There is nothing better than encouragement from a good friend.” Amen!

Brenette Wilder of Lee’s Summit, Mo., (formerly of Altheimer, Ark.), Is chair of the Kansas City Teen Summit. His blog is available at

Wilder also wrote a devotional book called Netted Together.

“Netted Together is a compilation of devotions that invites readers to feel at home as they learn the scriptures and then record their thoughts,” according to a press release. “Each day the reader will come away more informed, inspired, and encouraged to see how the words of God can be interwoven into everyday experiences, much like the way a fishing net is intertwined.”

Proceeds from the book sales will benefit Wilder’s Teen Program, which includes students from Jefferson County. Netted Together will be available October 18 on Amazon and Kindle, and can be pre-ordered from Barnes & Noble.

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