The problem with the “puddle pants” style


Dear answer, Angel Ellen: I’m confused about something I just read on a fashion blog: “Puddle Pants”. Apparently, these are now must-have clothes among models, celebrities, and people photographed for “On the Street Fashion” outside of fashion shows in Paris, etc. Can you explain this strange trend?

—Cally J.

Dear Callie: For those unfamiliar with the term, puddle pants are wide-leg pants for women (although men can also wear them), intentionally oversized and so long that they often cover shoes and then some , “puddles” at the ankle. And, they hang out on the street (“kissing the ground”, in fashion) in puddles or whatever you might find on the sidewalk. yuck.

It’s the opposite of skinny jeans and we should have seen them coming, because styles have to change often to get us to dip into our wallets to ‘refresh’ our wardrobes.

For many years I was surprised by ordinary people, mostly in jeans, sweeping the floor with their pants too long, without bothering to shorten them. Who knew this would ever be considered elegant? As you can tell from my skeptical explanation, I think this trend is impractical and not at all flattering for those of us walking down sidewalks or running for the bus. In other words, all of us.

Dear Answer Angel Ellen: So many other food items – frozen vegetables, oatmeal, dried fruit – are now packaged in unopenable bags instead of boxes that I constantly run to get scissors to open them. Is it just me or does everything in the grocery store now need scissors to cook dinner?

-Peggy M.

Dear Peggy: Scissors are now the #1 kitchen tool in America. I give them away as bridal party favors these days, because all of that packaged food—and so much else we consume—is sealed in ridiculously hard-to-open packages, especially the “shells.” Stop fishing in your desk or drawer and place a pair (or two!) in a knife block on your counter. Most knife blocks have a wider square for a kitchen utensil. I put a pair of Fiskars scissors ($6.49 at Staples, in the block and I’m ready to open crackers, granola, steamed spinach and even prying corks on bottles of prosecco diabolically difficult to open.

Readers: Please send me your advice on tools that actually work on corked bottles. I tried a few different styles and none did the job.

Dear Answer Angel Ellen: After losing weight about a year ago, I find myself with wrinkled skin, mostly on my upper legs. I wore a bathing suit with a skirt, but it only covers my upper thighs. My question is…. is there a type of liner that would cover a good portion of my thighs above my knees and look stylish?

– Lily O.

Dear Lily: There are a lot of women who prefer a little more modesty in their bathing suits and manufacturers are catching on. Lands’ End, for example, sells a 17 or 17 1/2 inch long “Active Board Skort swim skirt” (, on sale for $58.45), or search online for “long swim skort to find some great options that pair with a separate swim top.

Reader Rant 1

Several readers have their say on weddings…

Joy I. writes, “My rant: We’re nurturing a generation (or two) of self-centered bridezillas when we refer to their weddings as ‘their day.’ If the future groom does not have the same status, what is the point? »

From Tonia R.: “I agree with you that white or black can be worn by anyone at a wedding or at a rehearsal. White only became “wedding” when Queen Victoria chose it as her dress color. Before, he was chosen for death! Brides, it’s time to practice your adult choice to get married by not dictating what someone wears to your party. You are not 8 years old! You and your partner will be the center of attention no matter what people are wearing.

Reader Rant 2

From Paula C.: “What about the need for a toilet plunger not so subtly hidden in everyone’s bathroom? Who clogs the toilet so often? I hope this guest isn’t not on my guest list!”

From Ellen: Anyone with kids who flushes just about anything down the toilet knows that having a plunger nearby is a must. Same with those of us with older toilets or the surprise of “disposable” wipes that are anything but. Many stores sell plungers with a slightly attractive cart, but plungers are usually substandard without enough suction to get the job done.

For those unfamiliar with the term, puddle pants are wide-leg pants for women (although men can also wear them), intentionally oversized and so long that they often cover shoes, then some, “puddles ” at the ankle.


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