The system requirements for Elden Ring PC briefly appear online before being removed


With only a few weeks before Ring of Elden versions, those planning to buy it on the PC platform got a brief glimpse of the power they would need to run the game when the PC requirements appeared on Steam. We say this information was brief because even though the requirements appeared on the game page, they were quickly removed with a “TBD” replacing them as the page previously stated. However, those who spotted the requirements were able to capture them before they were removed, and the results are specs that seem higher than some expected.

These specs can be seen below courtesy of a Twitter user who captured them before they were taken down. While it’s not uncommon to ask for an NVIDIA GTX 1060 card, it’s usually what can be seen in the “recommended” specs and not the “minimum” specs shown here. More surprising than that is the supposed minimum requirement of 12GB of RAM. Again, it’s far from uncommon to have this much RAM in a gaming PC, but many gamers – and the games they play – are perfectly happy with 8GB or so of RAM when running. is about playing most games.

While these specs are all we need so far, the fact that they were dropped shortly after they went live means that something is likely to change between now and when they go live. on the Steam page for good. It remains to be seen how they will fit, of course, but some have speculated that these may be the recommended specs and not the minimum requirements.

Comparisons were also made with Sekiro: Shadows Die Twicethe latest FromSoftware game not counting the next one Ring of Elden. This game had recommended specs that included an NVIDIA GeForce GTX 970 with 8GB of RAM recommended as well, even though that was almost three years ago now, so it’s not like Ring of Elden should be beholden to those kind of specs anyway.

While gamers wait for official PC specs to be released, they can continue to look forward to more reveals and teases from the Ring of Elden creators. Different starting classes in Ring of Elden have been shown several times on social media with more to come ahead of launch, so expect to see those soon and possibly more reveals.


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