West Seattle Blog… | WEST SEATTLE CRIME WATCH: Early morning carjacking; car prowler dog walker


Two reports tonight:

EARLY MORNING CARJACKING: Of Seattle Police preliminary summary: At approximately 6:40 a.m., near Delridge/Barton, a person was “driving and saw a man standing in the roadway. The victim stopped to see if the man needed help. The contact turned into a fight. According to police, the person standing in the road then pulled out a gun and robbed the victim. Another person described only as a woman then “jumped into the victim’s car and drove off”, while the thief jumped into his own car and followed her. Police spotted these two cars in the Roxbury Safeway parking lot; the robber’s car, a Mercedes, left, while the carjacking victim’s vehicle remained unoccupied. Shortly after, another officer saw the Mercedes on the 35th SW; he followed him for a bit and saw a man and a woman falling. They were remanded in custody. Eventually, the woman was arrested and put in jail; the man was released, after it was determined that the person who dropped them off was the person they were looking for. He was still at large at last report and may be linked to other thefts.

CAR PROWLER: Reader’s report – “Last night at around 11:30 p.m. a prowler tried the car doors on 41st Ave SW just south of Jefferson Square. He was walking a small white dog, I guess taking the dog for walks was to avoid suspicion After the walk down the street it looked like he then walked down the steps of SW Hudson and prowled the driveway between 40th SW and 41st SW Trying on doors etc. He was wearing what looked like an outdoor coat (sleeves may be a secondary color) and the dog was small, possibly a Pekingese or a small spaniel mix, mostly white fur with a fluffy tail and what looked like brown areas on the face.”


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