Zuddl launches ‘Hybrid State Of Mind’ ebook in association with Entertainment Technology Partners, LLC


Zuddl, a virtual event platform company, has released a comprehensive ebook that covers all aspects of hybrid event information.

PLANO, TEXAS, USA, March 10, 2022 /EINPresswire.com/ — Zuddl, a virtual and hybrid event platform company based in the United States, India and the United Arab Emirates, has launched “Hybrid State Of Mind” – a comprehensive ebook that summarizes the important aspects of a hybrid event such as its key elements, varied formats as well as actual case studies of hybrid events that have been successfully hosted with Zuddl and Entertainment Technology Partners, LLC as event partners.

This ebook will help any event planner who is looking for bankable knowledge on hybrid events, which according to recent trends are poised to dominate the event industry.

Highlighting the long-term relevance of virtual events, Bharath Varma, co-founder and CEO of Zuddl, said: “As we emerge on the other side of Covid, it is clear that hybrid is going to play a central role in businesses of all sizes and regardless of industry because of the benefits and convenience they provide.

Another notable takeaway from the ebook is the importance of event planners in meeting ever-changing attendee or customer needs. BJ Singh, President of Entertainment Technology Partners, LLC, further substantiated this assertion with the following statement: “People consume content differently, some learn by reading, some by listening, some by watching, and some by experiencing. You need to personalize the content in such a way that it is engaging.”

Zuddl’s Hybrid State Of Mind ebook is available for free download via this link.

About Zuddl

Zuddl is an all-inclusive virtual and hybrid event platform that helps businesses design immersive brand experiences. Major organizations around the world such as Google, Dicks Sporting Goods, Microsoft, Kellogg’s and Grant Thornton trust Zuddl to host their virtual events.

In January 2022, Zuddl announced that it had closed $13.35 million in Series A funding. For more information on the company, please visit www.zuddl.com

About Entertainment Technology Partners, LLC

Entertainment Technology Partners, LLC is an American multi-brand entertainment technology company headquartered in Orlando. It is the parent of a collection of outstanding brands in the event, broadcast and live entertainment technology services industry. A dynamic collection of like-minded companies with global reach, Entertainment Technology Partners, LLC is focused on building strong relationships and delivering high-quality experiences through technology, customer service and innovation. imagination.

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