18 Reasons: Cracking the Cookbook: Ottolenghi’s Flavor – Online


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This is a live, interactive and hands-on cooking class held online through Zoom. View our registration policies here.

This class is a throwback to the popular series Camila taught in 2018. Cookbooks are still one of the best-selling physical books, and many of us love them! It’s a kind of virtual cookbook club, where we meet online to cook together from favorite and new cookbooks. Maybe there were recipes that you tagged a long time ago but never made, maybe because the recipes seemed intimidating to you, or because you read cookbooks like they are. ‘was about novels (rather than cooking them). We encourage you to open these cookbooks and cook with us!

Cooking in a group will create a community around these books that we love! And you’ll have the opportunity to learn tips and tricks for substitutions (in this case Ottolenghi loves long ingredient lists!) Or to familiarize yourself with new ingredients. Flavor is his most recent book (although a new one is due out in October and we could refer to it as well). Camila will offer advice on how to make some vegan or gluten-free recipes. We have selected recipes based on a variety of techniques, as well as seasonal ingredients (and Camila’s whim). Because we can only cook a limited number of selected recipes in one session, we’ll make sure to leave some time to talk about the book, just like a real book club. I can not wait !

* Please note that it is not necessary to have the cookbook to participate in this course. We will provide a copy of the recipes Camila has chosen and hope you can support local booksellers and libraries in your area for further reading.


Coconut Turmeric Omelet Feast

Hummus with candied garlic and mushrooms

Vegetarian dirty rice from Ottolenghi (with chestnuts)

The equipment and ingredient list for the class can be found here; please check before purchasing a ticket.

This menu contains the following common allergens: Egguf, Walnuts. If you have any allergies or dietary restrictions that affect your ability to cook, please email [email protected] before purchasing a ticket.

Let’s cook together!

If you are new to 18 Reasons Online, please read this guide: How to Take an 18 Reasons Online Course. Five calendar days before the course, 18 Reasons may decide to cancel this course if the number of tickets sold is insufficient. We will notify registrants by email of cancellations.

Camila Loew holds a doctorate. in humanities and is a certified nutrition consultant. Having lived by the Mediterranean for nearly two decades, she believes that the best cuisine is based on simple recipes with exceptional ingredients. It is the Mediterranean way that she conveys in her classes, as well as the concept of sobremesa, which happens to be the name of the company she runs. Sobremesa is the moment of relaxation that we spend gathered around the table. In addition to leading Sobremesa Culinary Tours, through which she offers delicious cultural and culinary experiences abroad for other foodies, Camila founded and directs the Culinary and Gastronomy Studies program at the University of Barcelona, and teaches Mediterranean culinary culture to American students. abroad. Since 2014, Camila has shared her love of regional Spanish and Mediterranean cuisine with 18 Reasons. For more information visit his website www.sobremesa.life


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