Best E Ink Tablets for Light Gaming



E Ink tablets are new entrants into the electronic paper landscape. In addition to having all the qualities that E Ink represents, the other positive point of these tablets is that several of them work under Android and also have access to the Google Play Store. This way, users can install any apps they want, including gaming apps. It may sound contrary to popular belief, but E Ink tablets can also be great gaming devices.

However, as this is an E Ink display which inherently has a lower refresh rate than an LED or LCD display, this limits the choice of apps to ones that don’t require the screen to refresh very much. quickly. In this way, simple card games like BlackJack, Poker, Solitaire or word games like Word Searcher are among the most suitable to play on an E Ink tablet. Other games that would also be suitable include Sudoku, Chess, Hangman, Jewels, Words with Friends, Math Blender or the classic crosswords that have become part of every newspaper.

Here are some such devices that can be used to play such games.

Dasung is not an e-reader

The company offers two e-ink tablets, the Not-eReader 078 and the Not-eReader 103, both of which bill themselves as excellent E Ink tablets. The tablets run on Android with the Google Play Store pre-installed, which means access to a wide range of gaming apps of your choice. Of these, the Not-eReader 078 comes with a 7.8-inch 300 ppi display and features the company’s Turbo high-speed refresh technology. The device runs Android 9 and is backed by a 5600 mAh battery. The heart of the device is the Snapdragon 660 chipset coupled with 4GB of RAM and 64GB of storage.

The Not-eReader 103 comes with almost the same specs as its smaller sibling, except for a bigger 6400mAh battery and a bigger 10.3-inch 227 PPI screen. All specs make both devices excellent for playing simple games of the type mentioned above.


The company has some nice E Ink devices to offer. These include Likebook Mars, Alita, Ares, Muses, Mimas, P6, P78, P10 and the P10W which all come pre-installed with Android and provide access to the Google Play Store. The company was last finding it difficult when E Ink panel prices spiked and were about to be dissolved. While this has drastically reduced the availability of new Boyue devices, you won’t regret buying its E Ink tablets if you come across any, likely from third-party retailers.


Boox is unique in that it offers the widest range of E Ink devices with display sizes ranging from 6.7 inches as the smallest offering to devices up to 13.3 inches. In between, you have devices with 7.8-inch and 10.3-inch screens. The Max Lumi with 13.3 inch screen is powered by octa-core processor and has 4GB LPDDR4X RAM and 64GB UFS 2.1 ROM. 4300 mAh power supply to get things going. The device runs on Android 10.

The Max Lumi 2 takes things to the next level with an upgraded octa-core processor, 6GB of LPDDR4X RAM and 128GB of UFS2.1 storage. Most everything else remains largely the same as its predecessor, although the device is now running Android 11 out of the box.

The Boox Note 5 has a 10.3 inch display and comes with an advanced octa-core processor. There’s 4GB of LPDDR4X RAM on board along with 64GB of UFS2.1 storage. The Note 5 comes with Android 11 pre-installed. Power comes from a 3000 mAh battery.

As for the Nova Air, it comes across as a more portable tablet with its 7.8-inch E Ink display with an octa-core processor under the hood. The device comes with 3GB of RAM and 32GB of storage and Android 10 pre-installed. Power comes from a 2000 mAh battery.

The BOOX Nova3 Color is largely the same but with the E Ink Kaleido display, an octa-core chipset, 3GB of memory and 32GB of storage. There is a larger 3150mAh power source with Android 10 pre-installed.

Finally, there’s the Boox Leaf which emerges as the company’s most portable offering thanks to its 7-inch screen. Under the hood hides an octa-core processor paired with 2GB of RAM and 32GB of storage. The device runs Android 10 and is powered by a 2000mAh battery.

All of the above makes the Boox line of tablets excellent for playing light games, at least from a spec perspective. That said, the devices do not come with Google Play pre-installed. Rather, it has to be installed manually, which again is a bit of a time-consuming process, which can range from a few hours to a few days as well. Here is how to install Play Store on Onyx Boox devices.

Huawei MatePad Paper

The MatePad Paper comes with a 10.3-inch E Ink screen and a Kirin 820E 5G processor and a Mali-G57 GPU combo on the other side. Additionally, there is 4GB of RAM on board along with 64GB of storage. A 3625 mAh power source keeps the lights on. However, unlike the other tablets mentioned above, the MatePad Paper is unique in that it runs the company’s own Harmony operating system. That said, the device supports sideloading apps of your choice, which means you can always have the gaming app of your choice by installing the appropriate .apk files.

So, there you have it, a compilation of E Ink tablets that can also be excellent for playing games. This is in addition to its intended role of being an electronic reader as well as a note-taking device.


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