Bigme B1 Pro Max + 10.3-inch Kaleido Plus e-Note First Look



Bigme currently has three 10.3-inch color e-Notes in its 2022 lineup. The Carve Color, the B1 Pro Max, and the model just released last week, the Bigme B1 Pro Plus Color. The main difference between this model is hardware, it uses a 2.3 GHz quadcore processor, 6 GB of RAM and 128 GB of internal storage. It uses the latest generation E INK Kaleido 3 color e-paper and the company has expanded the color gamut with software, traditional color e-notes have 100 PPI for color, but Bigme managed to squeeze 117 PPI, and that makes a world of difference.

The Bigme B1 Pro Max+ Color includes an array of E INK Carta HD and E INK Kaledio 3 color filters. The black and white screen resolution is 1872×1404 with 227 PPI and the color resolution is 936×702 with 117 PPI. The screen is flush with the bezel and protected by a layer of glass. There are 36 white and amber LED lights, which provide a beautiful front-lit display, in conjunction with a color temperature system. The body is plastic.

Under the hood is a 2.3 GHz Quadcore processor, 6 GB of RAM and 128 GB of internal storage. It has WIFI, Bluetooth 5.1, USB-C and two stereo speakers. There is a four microphone array on the top of the unit, which is used for voice to text and also for voice translations in dozens of languages. It is powered by a 4000 mAh battery and its dimensions are 232 x 191 x 7.7 mm and weighs 2.1 pounds.

This device contains English, so it is extremely relevant to the western world. It runs Google Android 11 and has a package installer, so users can install their own apps or alternative app stores like Amazon, Samsung, or Getjar. Installing a dedicated app store is important, as it keeps apps updated.

You mainly buy the Bigme B1 Pro Max+ because it is a dedicated electronic note. It comes with a stylus with a few buttons on the side, which can be mapped into the settings menu to do different things. You can have one button as an eraser and the other as a highlighter or just turn them into manual page change buttons. The stylus is black and needs to be charged via a micro USB cable. There are around 20 different colors to draw on, whether you’re drawing freehand in the app or just taking notes. Users have the ability to fully edit and sign PDF files as well as other digital content such as comics, e-books or manga.

What is the big difference between this model and the Bigme Carve Color and the Bigme B1 Pro Plus? They all have a 10.3-inch screen with mostly the same specs, in terms of resolution, and all use Kaleido Plus. The Carve Color has a slimmer design, but features a 1.8GHz quadcore processor and 4GB of RAM. It is made of aluminum block and the speakers are on the sides so the sound is better, it also has a 128GB SD card. It retails for $999. The B1 Pro Plus Color has a thicker design and weighs more, it basically has the exact same specs as the Carve Color, but the body is plastic and sells for $850. I think the B1 Pro Max+ Color is the best buy, the extra RAM and processing power will be important if you want to install apps. Adobe Creative Cloud is something most professionals would want installed on Android to use Photoshop or Adobe Acrobat, you will need more juice to get a good experience. If you intend to use complicated apps or want them to run smoothly, the Max+ is great. This device retails for $949.99. If you plan on just drawing, using limited apps and just reading on a 10.3 I would recommend the Carve Color, it’s thinner and weighs less making it portable.


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