Bill Gates’ book on climate change: how to download it for FREE


The fourth richest person in the world, Bill Gates, has published a book on climate change. The said book is about preventing a climate disaster, and it is available for free download.

Preview of Bill Gates’ book on climate change

In the blog post of Bill Gates, he explained in detail the reasons he wrote the book, and he also emphasized its importance to the world. The said book is titled “How to Avoid a Climate Catastrophe”. One of the main reasons he wrote the book, Gates says, is that many young people are expressing their passion for solving climate change issues.

That said, the billionaire philanthropist is giving the book away for free. However, only college and university students around the world can download the book without spending any money.

In addition to the student movement, Gates added that young people hold their governments responsible for the issue of climate change, and they also insist on their commitments to eliminate carbon emissions. Thanks to this commitment, the founder of Microsoft felt the need to create a book containing plans for the prevention of climate disasters.

“How to Avoid Climate Catastrophe: The solutions we have and the breakthroughs we need are all about the steps we need to take to keep the planet habitable for humans. We need to revolutionize our entire physical economy, including the way we move things. the planet, generate electricity, make things, grow food, heat and cool our buildings, ”Gates explained in detail.

In addition, he explained that preventing climate disasters will require many technological and political innovations, in which young people will play a special role as they have new ideas as well as the power to sue many people.

Hopefully, Gates expressed his belief that people can always prevent climate disasters, even if reaching zero emissions is the hardest thing to accomplish.

“I’m optimistic about what science and technology can accomplish, and more importantly, I’m optimistic about what people can accomplish. If all of us – and especially the young people of today – apply their ingenuity to this problem, we can prevent a climate catastrophe, ”Gates explained.

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How to Download Bill Gates’ Book “How to Avoid Climate Disaster”

For more information, Gates advocated for the fight against climate change. He created the climate investment firm Breakthrough Energy in 2015 to support several green technologies, for example Money control.

Meanwhile, for those wondering how to download the book “How to Avoid Climate Disaster”, Gates has made downloading the e-book accessible to everyone. Keep in mind that said book will only be available for download this week.

  1. Head toward This site.
  2. After visiting said site, scroll down and wait for a message to appear that says “Are you a student?” Read my new book for free!
  3. Click on the blue bar that says “Get Your Free eBook Today”.
  4. Once clicked, the page will be directed to an article about the book.
  5. On the article page, students should complete the “Email address” and “School name bar” fields and click on the “I am currently a student” box.
  6. Finally, tap on the blue bar below the checked box.

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