DFS NBA Picks for FanDuel and DraftKings – Sunday 12/12/21


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Guard point

Jalen brunsonJalen brunson FD – $ 5800 DK – $ 5,300
Opponent – OKAY
Project points FD – 31.38 DK – 32.11

It looks like Luka Doncic will sit here, which means it’s time to turn on Brunson. Jalen always starts at the point guard when Doncic sits down and usually plays at a $ 7,500 level. If you look at the six games JB has started this season, he’s averaging 21.2 points, 6.2 rebounds, 6.8 assists and 1.2 steals per game. This stat stuffing ability allowed him to score at least 31 DraftKings points in all of these, en route to an average of 40 points. This is hardly surprising given that Doncic leads the NBA with a 36% utilization rate, allowing Brunson to feed himself when he is out. We don’t mind him playing against an Oklahoma City team that has one of the worst basketball teams.

Dennis Smith Jr.Dennis smith jr. FD – $ 5500 DK – $ 6,300
Opponent – MIN
Project points FD – 41.22 DK – 39.84

DSJ is another injury replacement, starting with the playmaker for Damien lillard. That alone would make it a worthwhile option, but it also takes a ton of use in the absence of CJ McCollum also. This has seen Smith score at least 31 fantastic points in the last three games without these guys, averaging over 34. DraftKings points per game. Much like Brunson, he’s also a great stat junkie, offering value through rebounds, assists, steals and blocks. Facing the Timberwolves only adds to its intrigue, with Minnesota being eighth in pace and 19th in total defense. Note: Lillard is questionable for this game.

If you have the salary, Dejounte Murray is a good bet for a triple-double against a 26th-ranked Pelicans defense.

Shooting guard

Josh HartJosh Hart FD – $ 5800 DK – $ 6,000
Opponent – HER
Proj points FD – 31.49 DK – 31.88

Why the hell is Hart sitting around $ 6,000 at both sites? This dude has been a monster for three weeks now and should make an extra $ 1,000 on each site. Like the guys we mentioned earlier, Josh brings value through his stat filling methods. In fact, Hart is averaging 11.8 points, 7.8 rebounds, 4.6 assists and 1.3 steals in his last 11 games. It also surpassed the Fantastic 35 points in seven of them, indicating that this price needs a big increase. He should continue to do so, too, as the Pelicans desperately need someone to step in in Zion Williamson’s absence. Facing San Antonio is not too crummy a clash for a stat junkie, either, with the Spurs playing at the sixth-fastest pace in the NBA.

Josh giddeyJosh giddey FD – $ 5,500 DK – $ 6,500
Opponent – DAL
Proj Pts FD – 27.19 DK – 27.97

We haven’t had any elite scorers yet, but we just continue to provide those elite stats. This brings up an interesting point for DFS, anyway. Choose guys who score 20-25 score points is good, but get a handful of other statistics is what really helps to solidify your alignment[dansDFSCelacréeunplancherquebeaucoupdebuteursd’élitenepeuventpasatteindreetc’estunegranderaisonpourlaquellenouscontinuonsàrecommandercegenredejoueursGiddeyestencoreunautreavecunemoyennede106points67rebondset59passesdécisivesparmatchpourlasaisonCelapourraitnepassauterdelapagemaiscelaéquivautàplusde30[inDFSItcreatesafloorthatmanyoftheelitescorerscan’treachandit’sabigreasonwhywecontinuetorecommendthesesortsofplayersGiddeyisyetanotheroneaveraging106points67reboundsand59assistspergamefortheseasonThatmightnotjumpoffthepagebutitequatestomorethan30[dansDFSCelacréeunplancherquebeaucoupdebuteursd’élitenepeuventpasatteindreetc’estunegranderaisonpourlaquellenouscontinuonsàrecommandercegenredejoueursGiddeyestencoreunautreavecunemoyennede106points67rebondset59passesdécisivesparmatchpourlasaisonCelapourraitnepassauterdelapagemaiscelaéquivautàplusde30[inDFSItcreatesafloorthatmanyoftheelitescorerscan’treachandit’sabigreasonwhywecontinuetorecommendthesesortsofplayersGiddeyisyetanotheroneaveraging106points67reboundsand59assistspergamefortheseasonThatmightnotjumpoffthepagebutitequatestomorethan30DraftKings points per game. You can’t ask for more from a player hovering around $ 6,000, especially a rookie who gets better with each passing day. It’s clear when you see that Giddey has gobbled up at least 31 fantastic points in seven of his last 11 games.

Tim hardaway jr should see an increase in shots and use with Luka out of the lineup.

Small before

Kevin DurantKevin Durant FD – $ 10,800 DK – $ 11,000
Opponent – DET
Project points FD – 49.18 DK – 50.49

James harden Sitting games are about as rare as a three-legged man, but The Beard has already been ruled out for this Sunday game. It means it’s time for Kevin Durant to feast, with Brooklyn missing Kyrie Irving and Joe harris also. That’s three of the top four scorers on this team, and that will likely lead to KD taking 30 shots at this spot. He’s one of the best pure goalscorers in NBA history, and it’s scary to think of what he could do here with 30 shots, 40 minutes, and a 35% utilization rate. He crushes anyway, scoring at least 40 DraftKings points in eight consecutive games, averaging over 50 DK points per game in those outings. Dealing with a 22nd-ranked Detroit defense only adds to its intrigue, having to play this game without the defender who would have covered Durant.

Saddiq BeySaddiq Bey FD – $ 4,800 DK – $ 4,800
Opponent – BKN
Proj points FD – 24.04 DK – 24.84

We just mentioned that Durant has the advantage of avoiding Detroit’s top defenseman, which just happens to be Jerami grant. He is their best player and unfortunately suffered a hand injury this weekend. This is going to leave those Pistons with a ton of use, and Bey as one of the focal points of the offense. Bey appears to be the biggest beneficiary, looking like the wing’s main scorer in his absence. With Grant off the pitch, Bey is one of the team managers with a 22% utilization rate, averaging 1.05 DK points per minute under the circumstances. That’s an exceptional total for a player under $ 5,000, especially with Bey considering a massive increase in hits, shots and usage. It’s not like Bey has necessarily been as bad as the price suggests anyway, scoring at least 26 DK points in half of her games this year.

Norman Powell‘s usage has been exorbitant with missing guards in Portland.

Forward power

Kristaps PorzingisKristaps Porzingis FD – $ 8,500 DK – $ 8,000
Opponent – OKAY
Proj points FD – 43.29 DK – 42.68

We’ve talked about how Brunson is a stallion before when Doncic isn’t in the lineup, but Porzingis is an absolute animal under these circumstances. The big man is actually averaging over 40 fantastic points per game when Doncic sat down last year and has similar averages this year. This is hardly surprising when you look at usage, with KP showing a 34% usage rate with him off the ground while averaging nearly 1.4 DK points per minute. That’s why we have its projection north of fantastic 40 points and why it needs a price hike. A clash with Oklahoma City is only likely to increase their impressive averages, with the Thunder surrendering the second most fantasy points to opposing PFs this season.

Isaiah StewartIsaiah Stewart FD – $ 5,800 DK – $ 5,400
Opponent – BKN
Proj points FD – 28.59 DK – 27.73

Stewart should have a better year than him, but he’s starting to turn things around. In fact, Beef Stew has at least 33 DK points in three of his last five games. He’s the young stallion we saw last season, and he’s got every chance of going crazy with Kelly Olynyk and Jerami grant both injured. That left that front zone extremely thin, forcing Stewart to a ton of rebounds and a ton of minutes. It’s also not like Brooklyn is a scary game, with the Nets having one of the smallest center spins in the NBA. That said, if Stewart doesn’t regularly get 30 minutes from now with Grant sidelined, we can officially cross Stewart off our list!

With all the salary we saved, don’t forget Anthony davis and James lebron.


Karl-Anthony TownsKarl-Anthony Towns FD – $ 9,500 DK – $ 10,000
Opponent – POR
Proj Pts FD – 45.21 DK – 47.99

We’ve already saved a ton of paycheck on this list with these cheap guys, so let’s pay for Towns! The Big Man is simply one of the most trusted options in fantasy, ranked fifth among healthy players with 45 DraftKings points per game. His ground is equally encouraging, scoring at least 28 DK points in every game while reaching over 38 points in all but five matches. A 38-point floor of a player below $ 10,000 is hard to come by, and that makes him a wonderful match with all of the valuable players mentioned above. The best part of Towns’ use is this game, however, with Portland ranking 25th for points allowed and 28th for defensive efficiency.

Jusuf NurkicJusuf Nurkic FD – $ 6,100 DK – $ 7,100
Opponent – MIN
Proj Pts FD – 34.32 DK – 36.01

Portland is desperately missing McCollum and Lillard right now, but it has done wonders for Nurkic’s fantastic value. He’s actually one of the league leaders in all three games since these guys fell, generating a ridiculous 36% utilization rate. That boost in his role has led to some fantastic monster numbers, scoring at least 29 DraftKings points in seven of his last eight games. He’s also flirting with an average of 40 points during this span, executing this attack with ease. He did this damage despite numerous blowouts and limited minutes, but that shouldn’t be a problem here against an equally bad Minnesota team. It also means Nurk will take on KAT, who just happens to be one of the worst defensive centers in the NBA.

Jakob poeltl remains too cheap on both sites.



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