DFS NBA Picks for FanDuel and DraftKings – Tuesday 12/28/21


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Guard point

Kemba WalkerKemba Walker FD – $ 7600 DK – $ 6,900
Opponent – MIN
Project points FD – 40.13 DK – 43.56

After being effectively benched just a few weeks ago for poor play, Kemba Walker returned to the original Knicks lineup and became a reincarnation of the top Russell westbrook or something. It’s pretty amazing and Walker just finished a fantastic game on Christmas Day in which he lost 39 points, 12 assists and 10 rebounds in the win over the Hawks. Frankly, his performance since joining the starting lineup has been incredible. I don’t think the price, especially on DraftKings, has completely caught up with production either. I’m going to run him fine in cash considering Thibs is going to be fine running him over 40 mins per game when things are close.

Darius garlandDarius garland FD – $ 7700 DK – $ 9,900
Opponent – NO
Project points FD – 41.91 DK – 46.42

Garland continues to have a breakout season and is one of the main reasons, if not * the * reason, the Cleveland Cavaliers have become one of the greatest stories in the NBA. They are 20-13 with the best points differential in the league and Garland is a huge reason. He’s averaging 20 points per game and only saw use surge after Colin Sexton was lost for the season to injury. On Tuesday, he will face the Pelicans who have the 26th ranked defense this year and will be without Brandon ingram also. It’s a good game for Garland who will play high 30s minutes when the game stays close.

Shooting guard

Yuta WatanabeYuta Watanabe FD – $ 6,000 DK – $ 5,300
Opponent – RPS
Project points FD – 35.17 DK – 37.06

Sviatoslav MykhailiukSviatoslav Mykhailiuk FD – $ 4,500 DK – $ 4,900
Opponent – RPS
Proj points FD – 28.68 DK – 31.51

It looks like the Toronto Raptors will also be very thin heading into this game and we could have another run of many minutes for Watanabe and Mykhailiuk. In the last game, in which the Raptors were completely smoked by the Cavaliers, these two played for more minutes into their 30s as the Toronto roster is so exhausted. Watanabe led the team with 20 shots and finished with 26 points and 13 rebounds. The price has gone up, but these are weird DFS days and I actually think it still has value if the minutes are safer.

Meanwhile, Mykhailiuk didn’t quite have the same stat line but played 36 minutes in that one. He finished with 10 points, five rebounds, four assists and some defensive stats. We’ve got a decent fish record on his per-minute production over the past two seasons and I think that kind of projected playing time would make him a safer game at these prices. the FanDuel the salary is particularly attractive. One thing to watch out for here is the return of Gary Trent.

Strongly consider Rj hampton (FD 5300 DK 3200) on DraftKings if he gets the start. He came off the bench for Magic’s last game, but still managed 32 minutes in the role. He could slip into the starting lineup for this game.

Small before

James lebronJames lebron FD – $ 10,900 DK – $ 11,300
Opponent – HOU
Proj points FD – 59.95 DK – 62.71

The Lakers fell to 9th place in the Western Conference and have lost five straight games. They’re on the battle bus right now and things might look a bit bleak because of the Anthony davis injuries and the composition of the list in general. But for our DFS goals, Lebron is making one of the best games ever on the slate. He’s playing a game against the Rockets who are a sieve in defense, placing 29th while running the fifth fastest pace. LBJ is playing important minutes because the Lakers are desperate here and fantastically speaking he’s been amazing averaging 35 points, 10 rebounds and five assists in his last four games. It feels like one of the safest games on the slate and is a clear spending option.

Jimmy butlerJimmy butler FD – $ 8,500 DK – $ 9,300
Opponent – HAS BEEN
Project Points FD – 45.49 DK – 46.76

Jimmy butler came back from a 20-day absence on Sunday, stepping in directly and playing 35 minutes in the win over the Orlando Magic. With Kyle lowry in Covid protocols, and Tyler Herro getting an early ejection, Butler was second on the team in shots and finished with 17 points, 11 rebounds and four assists. I think we could be in line for a minute increase in this one and it stands to reason that we see an improvement over the 5-14 shot in this opener. The Wizards don’t play at a fast pace, but they’ve now fallen to 22nd defensive end of the season.

Front / center power

Chris BoucherChris Boucher FD – $ 5,500 DK – $ 6,200
Opponent – RPS
Proj points FD – 33.79 DK – 35

Dalano BantonDalano Banton FD – $ 3,900 DK – $ 4,000
Opponent – RPS
Proj points FD – 28.08 DK – 30.87

DJ WilsonDJ Wilson FD – $ 5,500 DK – $ 3,800
Opponent – RPS
Proj points FD – 29.73 DK – 32.91

I stack all of these guys together for many of the same reasons brought up around Watanabe and Mykhailiuk. The Raptors are so knocked out on their roster when it comes to real NBA players and even this roster probably pushes that definition. Boucher is the big question mark given how much we know about his fantastic performances in the past, as well as how little Nick Nurse and company want to play him at times. It’s frustrating because his game has fantastic potential, but the race just isn’t always there. He only played 28 minutes in the last game even as a starter and finished with 21 points and five rebounds, which isn’t great but doesn’t quite live up to these prices. I think I’m still willing to take the risk on Tuesday.

And then there is Banton who also took the start, but struggled in his 24 minutes. The price is so low for it on both sites, and the power forward is lower that I think I would go back to well here. But if he just wants to get buzzed again, that could be frustrating.

Finally, Wilson, who just joined the team about 10 minutes ago, was the best of that group on Sunday, totaling 15 points, eight rebounds, four assists and four steals in 34 minutes. Its price has not moved enough DraftKings where at under $ 4000 he is a great cash option if he is back in the starting lineup again.

sea ​​Yurtsevensea ​​Yurtseven FD – $ 5,400 DK – $ 4,800
Opponent – HAS BEEN
Proj points FD – 36.35 DK – 38.49

Yurtseven joined the Heat’s starting lineup on Sunday in the absence of Dewayne Dedmon which came out in the Covid protocols. Yurtseven was excellent in the role, dropping 16 points and 15 rebounds in the Heat’s victory. He was able to fill it in a few minutes before and the price really hasn’t budged enough if these are the kind of minutes he’ll be playing. The game is good against the Wizards. And his minutes seem very secure at this point given how stoned Miami is in the first zone.





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