Enthusiast Creates E-Ink Magic Calendar Using Raspberry Pi


Someone known only by his Internet pseudonym Speedyg0nz created an electronic calendar with an E Ink display at home. The person used a Rasberry Pi computer to create the E-Ink Magic Calendar. Speedyg0nz stated that he / she was inspired by the concept of the Android based magic calendar. The idea sparked a frenzy of DIY projects two years ago.

The E-Ink Magic Calendar is made up of three main elements. These include a Raspberry Pi Zero WH computer, a Waveshare 12.48 ″ tri-color E-Ink display and a PiSugar2 battery. All the steps and the code can be found on Speedyg0nz’s Github. Thanks to the portable battery, the calendar is wireless and can be placed anywhere.

Interestingly, Speedyg0nz programmed the E-Ink Magic Calendar to sync with Google Calendar. This allows the e-paper calendar to retrieve your events from Google Calendar itself, keeping it up to date. In order to save battery, the calendar only does this once a day.

The E-Ink Magic Calendar has excellent battery life as it uses an e-ink screen. The display freezes regardless of the content to be displayed and turns off to save power. On average, Speedyg0nz reported that it lasts three to four weeks. He / she also stated that battery consumption can be made even more efficient if the code is optimized.

Discussing the cost of the whole project, Speedyg0nz said it was very expensive. According to Speedyg0nz, this was mainly due to the high cost of the large E Ink screen. As a device intended to have only one function, the cost is very disproportionate.


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