Fast delivery sellers get burned by Etsy

Mon 7 Feb 2022 21:55:19

By: Ina Steiner

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Etsy is pressuring sellers to ship orders as fast as they can, but fast-delivery sellers are being burned by the market, many sellers report.

Not only was the package already on its way to the buyer, but Etsy rang the seller’s credit card for the sale amount since it had already sent the funds to the seller’s bank.

Another reader brought the issue to our attention last month. At January 12the reader told us, “Something is wrong with Etsy Payment; More and more talk is popping up about Etsy canceling sales after sellers have already shipped purchases that were pre-approved through the checkout system.

On Monday, another Etsy seller contacted us to say the issue persisted and sent links to five Etsy forum threads where the issue had been reported.

To make matters worse: some sellers claim they were unable to reach customer service to determine how to resolve the issue. In the thread referenced above, there was no response from anyone at Etsy (we don’t know if they monitor their boards and respond to issues like this).

Due to the ongoing issue, the reader told EcommerceBytes, “Some sellers have decided to extend their shipping/processing times to avoid this. Or at least wait an extra day to ship.”

Sure enough, sellers reacting to such reports wrote comments like this: “I often used to ship within hours of receiving an order, wouldn’t even consider it now.”

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