Good e-Reader Radio – e-Reading Plans for 2022, Amazon, B&N, Kobo, Onyx, Remarkable



Today on the Good e-Reader radio show, you’ll hear about the e-reader industry plans for 2022. The show covers Amazon Kindle, Kobo, Barnes and Noble, Bigme, Onyx Boox, Remarkable, Supernote , Bookeen, Tolino, Hisense and many more. others. You’ll learn which drives will get a refresh and what the likely specs are. In order to really understand what new products are coming out, we first need to review the big releases of 2021.

One of the big new trends of 2022 will be audiobooks. Kobo launched Libra, Sage and Elipsa. These all have killer features, but also have Bluetooth, an audiobook store, and support for wireless headphones to listen to them. I think Kobo will update Nia and Clara HD with audiobook functionality. This will lay the foundation for possible Overdrive support for lending audiobook titles to Kobo-branded eReaders in 2022. Barnes and Noble will likely introduce their own audiobook ecosystem to Nook eReaders this year as well, in addition to a new device. Amazon will likely refresh the Kindle Basic and Kindle Oasis. Tolino will sync its release schedule to what Kobo is doing, since Kobo now manages all of its hardware. Expect a Tolino version of the Sage very soon.

Bigme has already released 7 new devices in early 2022, we will review them all on our YouTube channel and select products on our website. Bookeen probably won’t release anything this year. Supernote is in dire straits and I wouldn’t be surprised if they went bankrupt this year. They are suffering from production issues with the A5X. The stock of Remarkable 2 is starting to stabilize, they have outsourced all of their accessories, such as Marker Signature and the stock pen to iReader in China. Pocketbook will probably release 2 or 3 new devices this year, such as the X2 inkpad and a new mini e-reader, in addition to a new color model. Onyx Boox will also release a new color model, likely the Nova 4 Color. Pocketbook and Onyx color models will use E INK Kaleido 3.

Find out more by listening to the show below. Do you have any comments on the show? Want something more detailed? Drop a comment below.


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