The 10 ebooks you can add to your Kindle for free with Amazon’s World Book Day deal



World Book Day is celebrated annually on April 23, and Amazon is once again give away 10 Kindle ebooks around the world to celebrate the occasion, also known as World Book and Copyright Day or International Book Day, organized by UNESCO. You must have an Amazon account to download the books and a To light up, the Amazon Fire tablet, or the Kindle app on a smartphone, tablet, or PC to read them, but there are no restrictions or special subscriptions (you don’t need Amazon Prime) required to download them. All 10 ebooks are free until April 27.

Like last year’s list of free ebooks, the titles truly come from all over the world, with 10 separate countries and various genres represented. And yes, they have all been translated into English.

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10 free ebooks offered by Amazon

Read the summaries and download them to your Kindle on Amazon.

  • The Puma Years by Laura Coleman
  • Yamen Manai’s fiery swarm
  • From the North to Paradise by Ousman Umar
  • Where the Desert Meets the Sea by Werner Sonne
  • Eye for an Eye by Carol Wyer
  • The Other Man by Farhad J. Dadyburjor
  • The Easy Life in Kamusari by Shion Miura
  • Dear Mom by Nova Lee Maier
  • Towards the Kingdom of Heaven by Tang Qi
  • The Cayman by María Eugenia Manrique

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