West Seattle Blog… | WEST SEATTLE CRIME WATCH: attempted burglary in a building; shoplifter vaporizes store security guard


Two incidents in West Seattle Crime Watch – first, a reader’s report:

BUILDING ATTEMPT: The report and image were sent by Timothy:

Written to report a burglary attempt resulting in property damage early this morning (3:50 am, 12/30). This happened on the 3700 block of Beach Dr SW.

There was a driver and at least one other person involved. The passenger, and the attempted burglar, wore loose, intentionally ripped jeans with embroidered back pockets and a bright yellow construction-style jacket. They were not wearing a mask, so clear images of this face are attached. Upon entering our hallway, they begin to pull on our locked front doors, shattering the safety glass. It sent the burglar running. They were driving a white 1998-2005 Mercedes ML class, with spare black wheels. The vehicle has damage to the front, including a strap holding the driver’s fender in place. There is a license plate attached, but it did not appear legibly on camera.

Damage to the glass, door, and locking mechanism will likely cost between $ 1,000 and $ 2,000 to repair or replace.

STORE SAFETY GUARD VAPORIZED BY SHOPLIFTER: We got this report from the SPD today after a question from someone who saw the police response outside Jefferson Square Safeway last night, and someone made their eyes red with milk. It was a store security person, the report said, who had been pepper sprayed by someone the store management described as a “known shoplifter”. He sprayed the security guard who had approached him “with the intention of telling (him) to hand over the unpaid merchandise he had taken”. The victim was in pain and was being treated by the SFD while the officer investigated. very slim, wearing a green jacket, green pants, a black backpack and a plastic Safeway bag on her head.


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