Wheel of Time Adaptation Theory – SPOILERS for Non-Book Readers


Hey people this is my The wheel of time adaptation theory. In other words, I’m going to predict how the series will cut down on some content by going through one of the character arcs much faster. That means this article is for fans of books, not just fans. Unless you want to be heavily spoiled. If that’s you, I absolutely suggest you check out our non-book spoiler review show. The dragon examined instead of.

For fans of the books, this is the sort of thing I’m sure a lot of you have looked at on your own. I will get to the heart of my theory after the DISCLOSE skip below.

Watch out, the wheel of time delivers the SPOILERS below!

Still there ? Ok, no more warnings.

I thought of the Matt Cauthon arc, certainly one of the most popular characters in the book. Still, I think most book fans will also admit that they didn’t start liking Matt until probably before Book 3 or even Book 4. Considering a few things we already know about the changes to the story of season 1, I have a theory on how Matt will go through his “Moody Mordeth” phase faster.

So far, I think the show has done a great job of condensing some of the story from Book 1. However, showrunner Rafe Judkins has hinted that there are moments from Book 2 that go into it too. season 1 and even volume 3. I guess here Rafe is talking about the arc of Matt Cauthon’s first story. It makes sense that Amazon wants to get to the popular Matt as quickly as possible on the show.

So here’s how and why I think they’re going to do it.

A prediction

Listen, I won’t go into the whole too much, the text of the book is sacred and should not be changed from argument. If that’s you, you’ll still have the books. I felt like that about some things in The Lord of the Rings movies. However, I still consider books to be the true bible of fandom. The simple truth is that I agree with Judkins on this point. The Wheel of Time often has characters that have an important entry and disappear for several books. Damn, there are whole books with almost no Rand. Perrin is completely absent from a book, as is Matt. Add to that the fact that we can’t hear what’s on people’s heads, which I think book fans will agree is a lot of content, so changes MUST be made. .

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We’re going to see some scenarios merging with others and there will definitely be fewer characters appearing and disappearing again.

With tat in mind, I think Matt is going to be healed of Ruby Dagger’s influence in season 1 or early in season 2 of the show. Whereas, in the books, Matt is not cured until the beginning of volume 3, after having blown the Horn of Valère. Can we really have “Moody Mordeth” for two full seasons?


Okay, I don’t have much here, but we do know Caemlyn was cut from Season 1. And yet, part of that story seems to take place in Tar Valon instead. Matt was reluctant to approach Tar Valon in the books and didn’t get there until he was healed. After Matt is healed, we have this famous scene where he kicks Galad and Gawyn’s buttocks with a stick.

So I think these scenes set in Tar Valon mean Matt will be healed and he will have his fight with Galad and Gawyn much sooner. This is after Matt starts winning at Gambling, and all of his amazing Ta’veren luck starts to materialize. It would be a better version of Matt to see evolve in season 2. Especially with the forced change of actor.

The Wheel of Time Adaptation Theory

I think Matt will be cured of his illness in Season 1. I also think it’s possible that we can be introduced to all three of Elayne, Galad and Gawyn. However instead of being introduced to them in Caemlyn, I think all three will already be in Tar Valon. If the show pushes the three towards Tar Valon and takes Matt there in Season 1, then they can shorten that plot a lot before they even get to Season 2.

Considering the way Season 1 has gone, I feel like we’ll be spending a lot more time with Rand as our Season 2 goal and I’m not sure we need “Moody Mordeth” for the whole trip.

It’s not a rumor, it’s just a theory. I could be wrong and Matt / Dagger’s plot takes place somewhere in Season 2. However, Matt having to return to the White Tower at the end of Season 2 just doesn’t feel like it’s okay. suit me. It is possible that we could even get the coup against Siuan Sanche much earlier as well. After all, there are 14 books and so far Rafe has planned 8 seasons. Something must give?

What do you think about this The wheel of time fans of books on adaptation theory? Can you see it playing out any differently? Leave your thoughts below.

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