Ynvisible and Exevio to develop paper road signs to guide EV owners to charging stations



Ynvisible announced that it was collaborating with Exevio to develop electronic paper road signs that would keep motorists informed of the availability of the nearest electric vehicle charging stations. The project is currently being developed in Croatia which will see the installation of road e-paper sings at busy intersections and other strategic locations so EV owners know which EV charging station to visit to make recharge their vehicles as soon as possible. .

The launch of the traffic signage project also couldn’t have come at a better time given the exponential increase in the use of electric vehicles. This has also led to increasing congestion at charging stations. Now, electric vehicle owners know which charging station to visit via appropriate apps on their smartphone. However, this can be a distraction while driving and can even lead to dangerous consequences during, for example, rush hour.

With electronic paper signage installed at key locations, drivers will be informed in advance of which charging station to avoid and which to visit. This can lead to less dependence on the use of smartphones while driving, which is undoubtedly more conducive to safe driving. Using e-paper as traffic signs is also an ideal scenario as they require the least amount of energy to operate. That’s not all as they have excellent visibility even in direct sunlight without causing distraction while driving.

“We saw an opportunity to use electronic paper displays to achieve sustainability and autonomy. We needed a classic but new panel for electric vehicle charging stations and engaged Ynvisible to produce it for us” , said Ivan Jokic, engineer at Exevio, “Ynvisible has an interesting approach to electronic paper technology; its screen is capable of displaying numbers, using low amounts of power, easy to implement and easy to be repaired and replaced, which allows our product to have a low impact on the environment.Fast production at low cost;and the ability to implement our own custom design also played a key role in choosing our product. ‘Invisible.

The project is supported by the Competence Center for Smart Cities (CEKOM), a government-backed organization that works to develop new technologies and solutions for smart cities. Ynvisible also recently introduced a new e-Paper module which it claims is the most power-efficient e-Paper module currently available and is ideal for use as road signs. It is also cheaper to produce than other such e-paper screens.


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